The Team

Anthony Wills

Anthony founded Kilchoman in 2005 and has been the man in charge ever since the first spirit ran from the stills. Prior to building Kilchoman Anthony ran his own company bottling single malt from various distilleries under his independent labels. Anthony’s wife Kathy also works full time behind the scenes in the visitor centre.
George, Peter and James Wills

George, Peter and James Wills

Anthony and Kathy’s three sons are also fulltime employees of the distillery. The boys first jobs in the early years of the distillery were mainly sweeping, cleaning and polishing however today they form the Kilchoman sales and marketing team representing Kilchoman at tastings and shows around the world.

Robin Bignal

Robin was new to the whisky industry when he joined Kilchoman part time in August 2010 and became a full time member of the team in January 2013. Robin is now the Production Manager at the distillery and looks after everything from the malting through to the maturation.

Islay Heads

Islay joined Kilchoman at the start of 2016 as our General Manager. Islay has lived and worked on the Island all his life. Before joining Kilchoman has been a Branch Manager at The Bank of Scotland in Bowmore and also Assistant Estate Manager at Dunlosit Estate.

Production Team

Robin leads the team of Russel, Neil and Jamie in the still house to produce the unique spirit Kilchoman has become famous for. We do all parts of the production process on site at the distillery so these four have their work cut out from the barley right through to the bottle.