The stills were designed and built specifically to produce our style of spirit and are among the smallest in Scotland. We have one set of stills, one wash still and one spirit still. Being small with a tall thin neck and reflux bulb, the spirit still is designed to create a very clean alcohol as well as encourage high reflux to produce a light spirit. The light, clean spirit created here combined with the complex and fruity flavours produced in the washbacks make Kilchoman's spirit stand out.

The wash still is charged with 3000 litres of wash which produces 1000 litres of low wines at 20%abv

The spirit still is charged with 1600 litres and produces 300 litres of spirit at 69%abv

The spirit safe collects the spirit once it runs off the spirit still and we take a high cut after only 5 minutes of foreshots from 75%abv down to 65.5%abv - an average of around 69%abv. 

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