The kiln is where the classic Islay smokey character is brought into the spirit. Islay peat, which is cut from a nerby peat bog, is lit in the bottom of our kiln. This produces an intense smoke like no other which is drawn up through the malted barley. The barley absorbes this intense peat smoke over the 10 hours we have the fire lit. This produces a phenol level of around 20ppm.

We only use Islay peat dug locally to the distillery. Islay peat is famous for its unique makeup, affording our spirit complex briny maritime flavours and earthy sweetness entirely different from the more ashy mainland peat.

Once the barley has been infused with peat flavours from the fire we then dry it down to under 5% moisture to be stored. The malted barley is then ready and waiting to be converted into our unique spirit!

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