The heart of the cut from the spirit still is collected in our spirit receiver and is reduced to 63.5%abv before it is filled into cask. We predominantly fill into first fill bourbon barrels from Buffalo Trace Distillery, Kentucky in USA which has married exceptionally well with our spirit. The other main cask type we mature in are first fill oloroso sherry casks from Miguel Martin, Huelva in Spain. There are also a number of port, sauternes, madeira and other cask types which we have filled in small quantities.

All of our casks are fully matured on Islay and lay to rest in our dunnage warehouse. This is the traditional method and in our view the ultimate way to mature single malt whisky to gain outstanding results. The low roof and earthen floor provides an ideal climate for maturation with consistent temperatures throughout and added moisture in the air. This is hard to find in the more modern racking or palletised methods.

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